We make quality apps for iPhone and iPad. Our apps have won several awards and are used by millions around the world. Some of our recent notable apps are shown below.
The most beautiful weather app on iPhone and iPad. View real-like beautifully animated weather with widget, radar, satellite, alerts and more.
FREE: Keep your private data safe and secure on your iPhone. Get reminded about expiry dates & renewal dates.
FREE: Difficulty in waking up at the right time? Try the toughest alarm app on the AppStore.
FREE: Play chess against a challenging computer opponent. Learn from grandmasters, solve puzzles, watch videos.


We have won some international awards for our products. Most important ones are mentioned below.
Won $100,000 in an international contest among 1000 teams from 40 countries. We were the only winners from India.
SweetLabs Inc.
Won $13,000 in an international contest with one of our most elegant apps: Chess.


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